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Indrani Cosmetics would like to be a part of your once in a lifetime wedding experience by giving you a gift meant for the ages.  We understand that weddings come with special functions like Kumku,  Mehendi,  Haldi, Sagai, Baraat and wedding parties want a gifting choice for each occasion which is why Indrani Cosmetics can help you achieve that happiness and satisfaction. Every father hopes his daughter’s wedding will be one to remember and that he does his best to impress the groom’s family, so there is nothing better than Indrani Cosmetics to introduce some premier beauty in your daughter’s special days and wedding celebrations.

We at Indrani Cosmetics are able to make customized wedding gifts for each occasion of your lavish wedding which will help your wedding be memorable.



Ever wondered, how do I impress my boss?  Or what best gift to give my female colleague on his or her birthday? Or how best to impress our new prospective clients with gifts that are not common, boring, monotonous and simply old fashioned? Well fear not, we at Indrani Cosmetics are happy to help.

Indrani Cosmetics is able and willing to help you impress your colleagues, clients and business partners with corporate gifting avenues.  We can create a bespoke gift meant for your corporate occasion which will make you stand out and create a positive impression.


Indian holidays are littered with multi ethnic and multicultural occasions and holidays. Whether its Diwali, Christmas, Ganesh Chaturthi, Holi, Dussera, Ramadan and many more. Its difficult to find a gift for each holiday and each holiday season. Indrani Cosmetics can help you make your holiday season memorable and give a new meaning to gifting to friends and family. Allow us to make your holidays special with our unique bespoke gifting which would be tailored to your needs and satisfaction.